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Meet the Team

Luke Whitmore
Luke Whitmore Technical Producer
Mike Dunn UX Designer
Nick Aspinall at Sift Digital
Nick Aspinall Technical Consultant
Charlotte Howells at Sift Digital
Charlotte Howells Social Media & Community Manager
Andrew Japp at Sift Digital
Andrew Japp Head of Business Development
Rosie Symonds at Sift Digital
Rosie Symonds Account Executive
Oliver Hall, Creative Director at Sift Digital
Oliver Hall Creative Director
Luke Chaput de Saintonge at Sift Digital
Luke Chaput de Saintonge UX Consultant & Content Strategist
Mary DeGrey at Sift Digital
Mary DeGrey Senior Project Manager
Natalie Slater at Sift Digital
Natalie Slater Project Manager
Tom Metcalfe at Sift Digital
Tom Metcalfe Technical Producer
Will Scott at Sift Digital
Will Scott UX Consultant
Photo of Paula Heasman
Paula Heasman Head of Operations
Picture of Rich Saddington
Rich Saddington Head of Development
Picture of Nick Torday
Nick Torday Managing Director
Picture of Bonny Colville-Hyde
Bonny Colville-Hyde User Experience Consultant
Claire Moyne Head of Client Services
Photo of Gaia Riva
Gaia Riva Senior Account Executive
Picture of Kieran McBride
Kieran Mcbride Senior Strategist
Picture of David Lover
David Lover Client Support Manager
Photo of Nick Potter at Sift Digital
Nicholas Potter Quality and Release Manager
Picture of Yvonne Struthers
Yvonne Struthers Account Manager
Photo of Rich Jones
Rich Jones Technical Consultant
Photo of Al Barker
Al Barker Head of User Experience
Photo of Andy Cole
Andy Cole User Experience Consultant
Picture of Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson Marketing Manager
Photo of Fabrizio Meinero
Fabrizio Meinero Technical Producer
Photo of Sarah Aplin
Sarah Aplin Account Director
Picture of Kieran Forde
Kieran Forde Account Manager
Helen Triggs - UX Consultant at Sift Digital
Helen Triggs User Experience Consultant
Picture of Sally Holbeche
Sally Holbeche Project Executive
Picture of Ben Heald
Ben Heald CEO, Sift